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Unique IoT asset management platform on thoroughfare with modules for mapping, operations, lighting, remote management and energy. We have a powerful tool for managing and maintaining elements on thoroughfare:

Traffic Lighting
Wifi spots
Electric Recharching points
Probes and actuators
Solar panels


electrical and electronic in public spaces

We are experts in electrical control and maintenance
and electronic on public roads.

Open and integrated technology platform (webService)

An opensource platform that allows the integration of municipal platforms for alerts and task management through the application of Web Service technologies.

Modular structure

It allows to integrate in a single platform all the functionalities required in the management of municipal facilities and assets. It has up to 8 functional modules.

Remote and real-time management

Monitoring and setup of operating and energy parameters with personalized alarms, as well as permanent analysis of consumption anomalies.

Unique IoT asset platform

The application has been designed to incorporate and integrate specific information related to the characteristics and particularities of the IoT devices installed in the urban environment.

Quick and intuitive visualization

Permanent web access from any device equipped with standard browsers.

Mobility app

It is directly linked to the platform that allows remote and real-time connection to all the information and documentary basis related to the inventory of the facilities as well as preventive and corrective maintenance tasks.